thens Coaches Seminars supported by the ICCE!

Coaches’ seminars that took place from 22nd– 24th of April in Athens have been heralded a great success! Under the auspices of the Hellenic Olympic Committee, and held by the Hellenic Federation of Sport Coaches (POPA) and the Trainerakademie Koeln, the two organisations are implementing a co-operation agreement for the permanent training of Greek Coaches supported by the International Council of Coaching Excellence.

The topic of the first two coaches seminars were about “monitoring an essential tool for the control of training”. Over 100 participants participated on 22nd of April at the Grand Amphitheater of the Athens School of Physical Education and Sport Science, of the Athens National and Kapodistrian University. The last two seminars on the 23rd and 24th April were hosted at the large Auditorium of the Hellenic Olympic Committee and included some practical courses with over 30 coaches from different sports.

In addition to POPA and Trainerakademie, other members include the International Council of Coaching Excellence and the Hellenic Sporting Federation of the Deaf.


The SCE is a formally established continental body for Europe of the International Council for Coaching Excellence.

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