The ICCE Research Committee is hosting a Global Think Tank to discuss ‘What is Coaching?

The ICCE Research Committee is planning a Global Think Tank to discuss ‘What is Coaching?’ To this end we have invited some world-renowned coaching researchers, suggested by our members, to debate this question, followed by a facilitated discussion.

We are delighted to announce that there will be two online Think Tank events on 3rd June 2022 in different time zones:

THINK TANK 1: Time Zone Sydney Australia 12 noon 3rd June 2022

Presenters: Tania Cassidy – University of Otago; Cliff Mallett – University of Queensland

Facilitator:  Donna O’Connor – University of Sydney

Register here

THINK TANK 2: Time Zone Edinburgh United Kingdom 12 noon 3rd June 2022

Presenters: Stiliani Chroni – Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences; Michel Milistetd – Federal University of Santa Catarina

Facilitator:   Christine Nash – University of Edinburgh

This event is open to everyone and free to attend.

Register here


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