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In 2016, ICCE published the International Coaching Degree Standards (ICDS) in response to the need to support higher education institutions (HEIs) planning to or already delivering sport coaching degrees. The standards were very positively received and HEIs across the world have started using them as a robust reference point.

As time went by and more organisations became familiar with the ICDS, ICCE was asked to consider an endorsement scheme to recognise those degrees operating at a mature level. A 2-year pilot programme took place leading to three HEIs achieving endorsed status at different levels (La Trobe University, AUS; Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences, FIN; and University Campus of Football Business, UK).

A direct outcome of the pilot process was the need to review and update the 2016 standards to reflect feedback from the participating HEIs and the wider ICCE family. It was also suggested that the endorsement process could also be enhanced and a formal review took place.

In early 2023, ICCE appointed Haaga Helia University of Applied Sciences as the ICDS Endorsement Hub for the period 2023 to 2025. Colleagues at Haaga Helia were tasked with the review of the ICDS and the endorsement process. This review took place over the first half of 2023.

You can access the updated ICDS document here.

Application Process

For universities interested in applying for endorsement, a self-assessment tool is available below which will help you to pre-assess how your organization meets the standards.

Please read the applicant guidance document carefully before completing the self-assessment survey. We advise that only once you are satisfied with the outcomes of the self-assessment should you complete the preliminary application.  

Important links to proceed are as follows:

Applicant guidance endorsement 160124

ICCE Endorsement Process Self Assessment

Endorsement Process Preliminary Application


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