Consultation and Review of the ICCE Research Committee

Based on discussions at the 2019 ICCE Global Coaches Conference and Research Fair in Tokyo, a decision was made by the ICCE and Research Committee to consult on and review the purpose, function and governance of the Research Committee, as well as explore the need for, and structure of, wider researcher and research organisation, and events such as the Global Coaching Conference and Research Fair.

We invite members of the sport coaching research community, sport coaching funders/policy makers, managers, practitioners, and relevant others, to take part in a consultation and review process.

Please complete and submit the following web-form by 17th April 2020:

You might also be interested in the current terms of reference for the Research Committee to date, which can be viewed here:

The current and ex-Research Committee members are listed here.

The findings of the consultation will be shared with the ICCE leadership in May 2020 and the review proposals will be shared through the ICCE website in June 2020 – representing a final stage of consultation.

The review and recommendations will shape the ICCE Research Committee, and ICCE linked researcher and research organisations, and events, from September 2020 until the next appropriate review period.

If you have any questions about the consultation and review please contact Julian North

Many thanks for your engagement in this consultation exercise.


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