Call for Applications – ICCE Research Committee

The ICCE Research Committee acts in an advisory capacity to the ICCE Board with respect to the full range of ICCE and external partner activity in the area of coaching research.

The Research Committee will give specific attention to:

a)      Support for the ICCE Strategic Plan and the establishment of research priorities and knowledge translation strategies for the ICCE.

b)      Development of the programs for the ICCE Global Coach Conference and ICCE Research Fair and the encouragement of participation by applied researchers from all regions and language groups, including student and new researchers.

c)      Promotion of research in coaching and the expansion of the coaching research community.

d)      Support for the International Sport Coaching Journal, in terms of submission of articles and promotion of subscriptions.

The ICCE Research Committee is seeking two new members to serve a four-year term (2017-2021). Information regarding who are the actual members and the Terms of Reference of the ICCE Research Committee can be found here.

The two members to replace are Dr. Jean Côté and Dr. Pierre Trudel.

For more information, please read here.


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