Advanced workshop for Trainers of Coach Developers/Leaders of Coach Education Systems – Ireland, May 2019

ICCE Master Trainers Hayley Harrison and Penny Crisfield designed and delivered a workshop for trainers of Coach Developers/Leaders of Coach Education Systems, which was run between May 9th & 12th 2019 at the home of Sport Ireland Coaching – the University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland.

Applications were received from people based in eight countries across three continents.  In the end 13 people were accepted onto the workshop, three of which were former attendees of the NCDA programme in Tokyo (two from cohort 2 and one from cohort 3). The environments the group participants were operating in were also diverse with two working with Coach Developers in the university system, seven in a single sport environment and four in a national multi-sport environment.

During the workshop the group explored the role, development and progression of Coach Developers before delving into the type of training and support the Coach Developers might need from the TCDs.  To this end the group created a ‘Wall of Support’ to help them select the most appropriate support for Coach Developers and they practiced the skills required to deliver that support and training.  The underpinning themes of the workshop were Leadership, Programme Design, Facilitation & Reflection and the workshop tasks reflected these. 

The group worked incredibly hard, they worked with and for each other and a new Community of Practice, that of Trainee Trainers of Coach Developers (TCDs), was born.  Some of the group headed back to their own environment with the sole intention of practicing some of their new found skills, others are working towards completing their TCD training in the next 12 months and some are going back to review their current practices.

It is hoped this first cohort of global TCDs will positively influence many CDs as they themselves progress and that the TCD workshop can be delivered again to a new cohort.


The SCE is a formally established continental body for Europe of the International Council for Coaching Excellence.

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