History of ICCE

The International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE) was established on 24th September 1997 by delegates representing 15 countries, during the second International Coach Education Summit held at Wingate Institute, Netanya, Israel. The idea of creating an international body to represent coaches and coaching was discussed by Uri Schaefer from Israel, Jurgen Kotzel from Germany and Sue Campbell from UK at the 1994 meeting marking the 20th anniversary of the Trainerakademie in Cologne, Germany. It was agreed to hold an inaugural summit of coach education leaders in Leeds, UK in July 1995, organized by the National Coaching Foundation, and the participants established the initial guidelines and aims for this new organisation. The ICCE has since grown to be present in over 50 countries.

Every day around the world, tens of millions of athletes run, jump, throw, catch, swim and participate in other sport activities. And every day around the world, millions of coaches help those athletes chase their dreams. The ICCE believes that international collaboration and exchange can accelerate positive change in the realm of coaching development and help these coaches give athletes around the world a chance to pursue excellence.