Organizational Structure

The ICCE organizational structure includes a General Assembly, Executive Board and Inspection Committee.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly brings together all ICCE members every second year. The membership structure includes four categories of members:


The Board consists of fifteen members, elected by the General Assembly to a four year term of office, to include:

  • President;
  • Vice President;
  • Past President;
  • General Secretary;
  • Treasurer;
  • Five members representing the five continents: Vice President for Africa, Vice President for the Americas, Vice President for Asia, Vice President for Oceania and Vice President for Europe.
  • Five additional members

The Board is responsible for establishing the programs, policies, and procedures of the ICCE.

ICCE Executive Board (2021-2025)

ICCE Committees

The Inspection Committee consists of two members, elected by the General Assembly to a four year term in office. The Inspection Committee shall review the ICCE’s monetary affairs and other actions, and report any errors or omissions to the General Assembly.

The ICCE Research Committee has global representation, and one of its functions is to review abstracts submitted for the ICCE Global Coach Conference every two years.

To view membership of the ICCE Inspection Committee, and Research Committee, please click here.